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Trap the Ball


Trap the Ball will challenge your patience and skills by offering multiple modes, with one or several balls, and increasing speed. Can you unlock all the achievements ?As in the original Jezzball game, the principle is simple.There is one or more ball(s) moving across the playground. In order to finish a level, you have to draw walls and trap the ball(s).
To draw a wall, simply slide your finger across the playground in the desired orientation (horizontally or vertically). A wall will appear in the middle of the line drawn and start to spread.
You'll have to ally patience and skill to draw walls that avoid the ball(s), because if a ball touches a spreading wall, you'll lose a life.
To complete a level you have to clear 75 % of the playground with walls.If there are more than one ball on the playground, each additional ball reduces this value by 2 %.
The balls are moving at a speed depending on the game mode chosen and the current level you are in.
There are 3 game modes available. Accelerating, Multiplying and Ultimate. - Accelerating : Only one ball is present in this mode and its speed increases with the levels. - Multiplying : The speed stays the same throughout the levels. Instead it's the number of balls which is increasing. - Ultimate : A combination of the previous modes. Both the speed and the number of balls are increasing with the levels.
Trap the Ball also includes 3 different themes. You can select them in the options screen.
If you are in search of a bit of challenge, you can check the available achievements in the achievement screen and try to unlock them all. To do so you'll have to improve your skill and exercise your patience.
Have fun !